SolarPower Europes new market report shows that Europe experienced a year of growth for the first time since 2010-2011, adding 8.1 GW of solar power to the grid in 2015 – a 15% increase compared to 7 GW in 2014.

SolarPower Europe is delighted to announce its 2015 Market Report which analyses industry figures, trends and forecasts and makes policy recommendations for solar growth in Europe.  SolarPower Europes report is unique in comparison to other market analysts because it examines grid-connected solar rather than product shipments or installations.

The report finds that Europe is still the most solarized continent in the World, with nearly 100 GW of installed capacity. No other region can boast solar shares as high as Europe – on average 4% of electricity consumption, in the most mature markets, Germany, Greece and Italy, around 8%. The base for Europes solar demand in 2015 derive from 3 mainly 3 countries – UK, Germany and France. These top 3 markets counted for 75% of the connections, equal to 5.3 GW.

The report underlines that Europe is in a transition phase from solar markets that grew on feed-in tariff incentive schemes to new market-based frameworks. The focus should now be on Europe creating a smart electricity market design that builds on the strengths of solar power technology.

On the global scale, the report finds that grid-connected solar increased by 25% to an estimated 50.1 GW – an estimate 229 GW of solar power are now connected, up from 178 GW in 2014.

The 2015 Market Report can be downloaded at