The UK’s wind turbines reached peak levels the weekend, providing a shocking 38 per cent of electricity.

Wind generation exceeded the 16GW mark for the first time on Sunday 8th December, it surpassed a record set earlier in the day, with 15.81GW mark.

The wind is the largest electricity source on the UK grid, with gas coming second, providing 19 per cent of power.

Renewable UK’s director of strategic communications Luke Clark said, “This new British clean energy record is a great early Christmas present, and shows just how important wind is in an energy system that’s changing rapidly.”

“On a dark cold Sunday when we need it most, wind was providing more than 40 per cent of our power, far more than any other source of electricity. Wind energy is at the heart of our modern power system, enabling us to take practical action against dangerous climate change”, he further adds.

New wind farms are expected to come online in the coming years, including 6GW of new offshore capacity which will be contracted under September’s Contracts for Difference scheme. This will grow the generation capacity of the sector. By 2030, offshore wind alone is expected to provide a third of the UK’s power

Source: Energetica India