Solar Energy Satellite

Beaming Solar Energy From Space

The United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has been interested in developing a system that would harvest solar energy in space to be beamed back to Earth. The solar energy would be collected on a satellite in Earth’s orbit, there the energy would be converted into radio frequency so that it could be beamed […]

Britain's Forests

What is the future of Britain’s forests?

What will Britain’s forests look like in 100 years? Here is Countryfile’s expert guide to Britain’s forests, looking at the history of forestry in the UK, the environmental importance of trees and how much new woodland you can expect to see planted in the future. There is something most of us agree on: Britain needs […]

Tesco's green electricity

Tesco unveils major green electricity project

Supermarket giant Tesco has announced a major green electricity project, including the installation of solar panels on 187 of its sites covering 335,000m2. The project will also include a ground-mounted solar farm and five onshore wind farms. In total, the new projects will generate enough power for the equivalent of 140,000 homes.

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