Forestry sector standing tall amid ongoing crisis

An up-beat assessment of the forestry market by the forestry team at Bell Ingram claims the sector is faring better than many rural businesses amid the coronavirus crisis. The positive points highlighted by the company include the market for biomass holding up as many hospitals depend on wood chips and pellets to fuel their heating […]

Sustainable Building to Boost Sustainable Forestry

New approach to sustainable building takes shape in Boston

A new building about to take shape in Boston’s Roxbury area could, its designers hope, herald a new way of building residential structures in cities. Designed by architects from MIT and the design and construction firm Placetailor, the five-story building’s structure will be made from cross-laminated timber (CLT), which eliminates most of the greenhouse-gas emissions […]

Forestry sawmill Fort William

Endless acquires £350m forestry business

Private equity firm Endless has bought BSW Timber and all its associated subsidiaries. BSW is the UK’s largest integrated forestry and sawmilling business with a turnover of over £350m and 1,200 employees. The business has five main operating divisions: tree nurseries, forestry management, tree harvesting, sawmilling, and energy. It operates seven sawmills across the UK […]

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