Wind Energy Goals

Quadrupling turbines, US can meet 2030 wind-energy goals

The United States could generate 20% of its electricity from wind within 10 years, without requiring any additional land, according to Cornell University research published in Nature Scientific Reports. “The United States currently produces about 7% of its electricity from wind energy,” said Sara Pryor, professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. “This […]

offshore wind energy farm

UK Wind Energy set a New Record in December

Wind energy set a new record of 26.5% for December 2019’s generation in the UK. In 2010, Great Britain generated 75% of its electricity from coal and natural gas. But by the end of the decade, these fossil fuels accounted for just 40%, with coal generation collapsing from the decade’s peak of 41% in 2012 […]

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A Record-Busting Weekend for UK Wind Turbines

The UK’s wind turbines reached peak levels the weekend, providing a shocking 38 per cent of electricity. Wind generation exceeded the 16GW mark for the first time on Sunday 8th December, it surpassed a record set earlier in the day, with 15.81GW mark. The wind is the largest electricity source on the UK grid, with […]

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