Rainforest Energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Infinity Biofuels for the licensing of patented technology to produce bio-gasoline from biomass across the Americas.The MoU is for a technology framework for North America, South America and the Caribbean Islands (the Americas), under which Rainforest Energy has the right to license the proprietary technology and know-how of Infinity for the production of gasoline from biomass and other feedstocks.

Rainforest Energy will develop refineries that have a technology licence with Infinity, which includes the basic terms and conditions of the MoU.

“The Rainforest Energy team has demonstrated impressive development and organisational capabilities in only a few short months,” commented Sue Kelly, president of Infinity. “We are very excited to work with them as our project developer of choice in the Americas.”

Pete Lafontaine, executive chairman of Rainforest Energy, added: “The Infinity process will allow Rainforest Energy to be among the lowest cost producers for next generation biofuels. Also, this is one of the very few renewable energy technologies out there that can produce high octane, premium bio-gasoline.”

Source: Biofuels International